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Terms and Privacy

User rights       

The content found on this website can be shared for educational purposes. Please credit the UCNCBA as the owner of the shared content.


Third party applications

Links to third party websites are located on this website for educational/network purposes and they may have their own privacy policies and terms and conditions. The UCNCBA is not liable for the features, functionality or content found on any third-party websites.


User-generated content

The UCNCBA website allows users to submit bee-related pictures and videos to be considered for our media page. It is the user’s responsibility to only post media that they have the right to post. The media submitted must not violate applicable law, intellectual property including but not limited to copyright, or any other rights.


Our rights

All users agree that any content uploaded to the UCNCBA website provides partial ownership of the content to the UCNCBA to use (or remove) at their discretion.


Privacy policy

Under no circumstances will any user data be shared with any other entity or organization.

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