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Union County 4-H Beekeepers


4-H Beekeeping Club    

Welcome to the Hidden Meadows 4-H Beekeeping Club! Around here…there’s always a “buzz” about something! In addition to the general information about what 4-H is and does, we would like to share some more specific information about our goals, our sponsors, and the kids that make it all possible.


     The 4-H Beekeeping Club enables youth and young adults with simple and easy to read literature to learn about bees. They learn why honey bees live in a colony, different types and styles of hives, the importance of the queen and what she does to keep the hive up and running, and will learn about the roles and jobs the workers and the drones do throughout their lives. They will study the biology of a honey bee and the different parts and functions for the 3 different types of bees. The students will have the best hands-on experience, including, but not limited to: putting together wooden ware for the hives, starting a smoker, working hives, queen rearing, and lots more! 


    The 4-H Beekeeping Club generally meets once a month at the Union County Ag. Center. Contact Jason below for dates of classes (see info below). The goal of the beekeeping club is to educate today’s youth on beekeeping in order to ensure the survival of this most precious and fascinating insect, and also teach them life skills that will help them for many years to come! 

4-H Partners Program

    We would also like to inform you about our “Bee Friendly” Partners Program that’s brand new for this year. This program allows business owners, farmers, and maybe just people who care to partner with us in sponsoring a child in 4-H Beekeeping.The Partners Program allows a child an opportunity to purchase bees and the necessary equipment to manage those bees for one year. In return, the person or business may consider themselves a “Bee Friendly” Partner. These Bee Friendly Partners not only help sponsor a child but also helps the community out by supporting beekeeping- what a great way to be involved in the community! One of our main goals is to educate the public on the importance of beekeeping and we intend to see Union County leading the way!


     If you’d like to become a partner with us, please don’t hesitate to contact Jason, at (704) 320-4870. Again…thank you for visiting the Union County 4-H Beekeeping Club. We hope we’ll “Bee” seeing you soon!


Full Sponsorship ($300) include:                                                               

+ Advertisement on the Website

+ Sponsor a hive (place your Logo on a hive and will receive pictures to promote your business and engage your employees in helping the Bee Community). 

Below are our 4-H current Sponsors!

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