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Hives, Nucs, Packages, & Queens 2023

A Package is generally 3 lbs. of bees with a mated queen. There are no frames included in a package.
A Nuc includes 5 frames- 3 of brood and 2 of food. There should be 5 frames of bees as well as a mated queen. Nucs can be purchased as deep frames or mediums. A Nuc is an establish hive that has frames and comb already built out. 

Both Nucs and Packages will have a pickup date. Pick up dates are weather dependent. 
Please send an email to if any of the below information is incorrect and/or bees have been sold out. 

Here's a list of In-State businesses that are permitted to sell. Please remember to contact state apiary inspector within 30 days of bringing bees across the NC state line (910) 690-9555 

VSH Queens & Bees


Brooks Mill Farms


596 HWY 24 27

Midland, NC 28107

Queens & Nucs


Bryan Fisher (Master Beekeeper)


Concord, NC

Queens & Nucs

Queens & Bees

(704) 993-6805

Trish Thompson- Journeyman Beekeeper

2416 Wesley Chapel Rd.

Indian Trail, NC 28079


Nucs, Queen Cells & Queens. ​

Pollen Peddlers Apiary R-01.png

Albemarle Bee Company


40207 Hwy 52

 New London, NC 28127

 Nucs, Packages & Queens. ​



(704) 993-6833

1753 Ebenezer Rd,

Smyrna, SC 29743


Full Hives, Nucs, Packages & Queens. ​

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