Hives, Nucs, Packages, & Queens 2021

All Packages come with a queen in the package. A package does not include any frames/comb. Usually packages are sold by weigh, usually either a 3lb package. 
All Nucs come with a queen. A Nuc is an establish hive that has frames and comb already built out. Nucs are sold either in Deep Frames or Medium Frames. Most Nucs are 5 frames, some can be 4 frames
Both Nucs and Packages will have a pickup date. Most of the time, bees are not shipped. 
Please send an email to if any of the below information is incorrect and/or bees have been sold out. 
Here's a list of In-State businesses that are permitted to sell. Please remember to contact Nancy Ruppert within 30 days of bringing bees across the NC state line if the bee supplier you buy from does not have a NC State Licenses. (910) 690-9555 or


(704) 993-6833

1753 Ebenezer Rd, Smyrna, SC 29743


Full Hives, Nucs, Packages & Queens. ​


Miller Bee Supply


496 Yellow Banks Road  
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659


Pipping Queens

(561) 601-9872


Queens: The queen is tested and selected for survivability, hygienics, and productivity.