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 Intermediate BEE SCHOOL 

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Where? 2022 Class Is hands on!
This will be at the
Union County AG Center 
3230 Presson Rd, Monroe, NC 28112
How much?

NOTICE: The Union County NC Beekeepers Association in partnership with the Union County Cooperative Extension program is pleased to offer:

Summer 2022 Intermediate BEEKEEPING SCHOOL

Union County NC Beekeepers Association announce their Summer 2022 education for Intermediate beekeeping!!

  • Must be a certified beekeeper to take this class (see beginning beekeeping class for details)

  • 6 Sessions 

  • ​Comprehensive session content 

    • Presented by Certified Beekeepers

    • Door prizes at each session

    • Registration 

      • Cost is 

  • What all does this include?

Union County Beekeepers Club T-Shirt

Free Giveaways after every class!


What will I learn about?

  • Products of the Hive: how to use

  • Why honeybees swarm and their management

  • Disorders, parasites, and hive invaders 

  • How bees make it through the cold winter months & what we can do to help

  • How to inspect a hive & honey harvesting

  • Pollination and management of a hive throughout different seasons.

  • What to plant for the bees

  • Swarms

  • Seasonal Splits

  • Requeening

  • Honey Harvesting 

What else does this include?

  • How to treat for pests and diseases

  • How to harvest honey

  • Using and profiting off products of the hive

  • Introducing new queen to your hive.

  • Hands-on hive inspection

  • how to build a swarm box

Still have a question about Bee School?

Great! How do I sign up for Intermediate Bee School?!
How Can I Become a State Certified Beekeeper?

The State Certified Beekeeper Certification is an entry level certification for the beginning beekeeper. There is no extra cost to becoming certified if you are already a NCSBA member and will be attending Bee School. In order to become a certified beekeeper, you must:

  1. Be a current member of the NCSBA ($15 per individual). Please join NCSBA before Test date to allow time for your welcoming email to come through. BRING YOUR NCSBA MEMBER ID TO THE TEST. You can join NCSBA via this link:

  2. Pass a written test, which will be administered through UCNCBA chapter at the end of the course. Please remember to bring your Member # to the test.

  3. Pass a practical test (involves manipulating a hive of bees), administered by another certified beekeeper through a local chapter. Four months beekeeping experience needed prior to taking practical test.

In order to prepare for the certified level, the following materials are available:

  • Read the book that will be provided at the beginning of Bee School

  • Take notes throughout the course 

  • Complete and study the Certified Study Guide

  • Understand what will be on the Certified Practical Exam (this is the actual exam utilized, and is provided for studying purposes)

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