The name of this organization shall be:

The Union County North Carolina Beekeepers Association (UCNCBA).


The UCNCBA is a club of beekeepers and is a non-profit organization. 

Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 81-4430097

Tax status is 501-C3.


ARTICLE 3 Objectives


The objectives of this non-profit organization follow:

  • Teach and encourage methods of beekeeping that lead to healthy bee colonies.

  • Maintain friendly and helpful relations with the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association (NCSBA).

  • Work to make Union County North Carolina a “bee friendly” place.

  • Encourage pollination to help the bee population increase.


ARTICLE 4 Members


Anyone interested in beekeeping may join the UCNCBA upon payment of the annual dues. The right to vote shall be limited to members in good standing.

ARTICLE 5 Officers


The officers of the UCNCBA and their terms follow:

  •                                  Term (years)

  • President                              2

  • Vice President                      1

  • Secretary                              1

  • Treasurer                              2

  • Director (Technical)              2

  • Director (1 year)                   1

  • Director (2 year)                   2

  • Director (3 year)                   3

  • Director (4 year)                   4

The officers, President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, will be elected by a majority vote of the members present at the meeting and hold office from January through December for the years elected until their successors are elected or appointed.  Directors will be appointed by the Executive Committee.  In the case of a vacancy, the President may appoint a member to serve during the remainder of the term. No person shall be elected for any office without his or her consent.

ARTICLE 6 Dues: Local, State and Life Membership


  • Union County North Carolina Beekeepers (UCNCBA) dues are $10 (ten dollars) per year. 

Monies collected for local dues should be deposited into the UCNCBA bank account promptly.

  • North Carolina State Beekeepers (NCBA) dues are $15 (fifteen dollars) per year.  Members are encouraged to pay state dues directly via the NCBA web site.

  • Dues are due on January 1 of the fiscal year and expire on December 31 of each year.

  • A UCNCBA who is delinquent in payment of dues after December 31 will be dropped from the roll of membership.

  • A person who has been dropped from the roll of membership for nonpayment of dues may be restored to active membership by paying current year dues.

  • Life Membership may be conferred, by the Executive Committee of UCNCBA to a member who has contributed in an outstanding way to the beekeeping community.    No dues are required of Life Members.


ARTICLE 7 Meetings


  • There shall be regular monthly meetings. 

  • The Secretary will notify members of upcoming meetings via email and the web site.

  • The time and place for each meeting shall be decided on by the officers of the UCNCBA.

Normally this is the Agricultural Center on 3230 Presson Dr.

  • If this is not possible, the President must make the necessary arrangement for the meetings.

ARTICLE 8 Committees


  • The Executive Committee shall consist of all the elected officers of the UCNCBA, namely: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Directors and the immediate past President who shall be an ex-officio member. The Executive Committee has authority to transact business on behalf of the UCNCBA..

  • The Auditing Committee shall consist of three Directors. Its duty will be to examine and audit the books of the Treasurer and make recommendations on their findings at their regular January meeting.

  • The Nominating Committee shall consist of three members (the Chairman appointed by the President), whose duty will be to nominate and present a slate of officers for the November meeting. Other names may be submitted from the membership at large at the time of the election.

  • Special committees may be appointed by the President consisting of a minimum of three members whose duty will be to serve as directed by the President.

ARTICLE 9 Quorum

  • Two-thirds of the member’s present constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any regular meeting.

  • Two-thirds of the officers constitute a quorum of the Executive Committee.


ARTICLE 10 Duties of Officers


  • The President’s duties follow:

    • Preside over meetings of the UCNCBA using parliamentary procedure and Robert's Rules of Order.

    • Outline the things to be discussed at monthly meeting.

    • Engage speakers for upcoming meetings.

    • Hold monthly officer meetings.

    • Encourage communications between members and officers.

    • Make day-to-day decisions about UCNCBA activities.

    • Deposit and disperse monies if Treasurer is unable.

    • Maintain an open relationship with Ag Center.

    • Focus on increasing membership.


  • The Vice President’s duties follow:

    •  Perform the duties of the President in his or her absence or upon the President’s request. If the Vice President is unable to perform this duty in the absence of the President, then the Vice President may request another officer to act in his or her stead.

    • Focus on increasing membership.


  • The Secretary’s duties follow:

    • Record the minutes of the UCNCBA at each regular and/or called meeting.

    • Notify the membership of upcoming meetings.

    • Maintain files of the minutes and by-laws.

    • Maintain files of communications and publications.

    • Arrange for a substitute if absent from the meeting(s).

    • Deliver all files and records to successor.


  • The Treasurer’s duties follow:

    • Receive all monies from membership dues, sales of goods, gifts, or any other source.

    • Deposit all receipts in the UCNCBA bank account.

    • Make expenditures to cover authorized invoices from the UCNCBA bank account or written (email--with copies to officers) requests from the President.

    • Report the following at each meeting:

      • Receipts total

      • Expenditure total

      •  Cash on hand total

    • Maintain accurate records showing the receipts/disbursements of monies.

    • Maintain a membership list in a spread sheet on Google docs.

    • Notify members who are delinquent in payment of dues and seek to rest    restore their membership.

    • The books shall be closed prior to each regular January meeting and a complete report of the financial standings given to the UCNCBA at that time.

    • Maintain a complete inventory of any UCNCBA properties, location and estimated value and serve as custodian of the properties.

    • The books/records are subject to unannounced audits by the Audit Committee.

    • Deliver all books and documents to the successor at the end of term of office, having had them audited at this time.

    • Deliver all books and documents to successor at end of term.

    • Forward any NCBA dues submitted to state treasurer.


  • The Director-Technical duties follow:

    • Manage the UCNCBA web site as focal point for Union County beekeepers.

    • Facilitate electronic communication between members.

    • Insure the databases used by UCNCBA are web based and secure.

    • Arrange/manage photo and video media submitted by members.

      • Focus on increasing membership.


  •   The Directors 1-4 Years duties follow:

    • Help officers make challenging decisions

    • Work with NCBA on projects both local and state

    • Interface with community business’s/leaders

    • Bring in new members to UCNCBA

    • Create educational events for members.

    • Encourage mentors to help members.

    • Work with schools to spread beekeeping knowledge.

    • Create pollination projects

    • Interface with home/hobby beekeepers


Officer functions may be combined and served by one person, i.e. a Secretary/Treasurer may serve both functions, the Vice-President may function as a V.P. and Director. Also, consideration may be given to term limits to encourage ideas and approaches, depending upon these of the organization.

ARTICLE 11 Amendments

  • Amendment(s) to the By-Laws should be proposed by the officers to members.

  • The amendment(s) should be presented to members in writing.

  • The By-Laws may be amended by at a regular meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote

 of all member’s present.

ARTICLE 12 Dissolution

At time of dissolution the UCNCBA assets will be distributed to the UCNCBA members.


Upon acceptance by vote of the UCNCBA these By-Laws supersedes all previous By-Laws.

These By-Laws where read approved by a two-thirds vote of UCNCBA members on:


Date: ____/____/____




President:  _____________________________


Secretary:  _____________________________


Treasurer:  _____________________________